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Webasto's Business Charging Solutions are both innovative and powerful. If you require a charging solution for your staff, visitors or fleet drivers, our bespoke service can offer you the perfect solution for your business. 

Each business solution is fully connected, offering you the cutting edge of features and functionality through over-the-air updates and instantaneous access to your users and charging stations.

With world leading software solutions, billing packages, expense reports and international connectivity, Webasto is here for you. 

The Leading Business Charging Solution

Company Car Drivers

How knowledgeable are your staff about EV? More and more company car drivers than ever are choosing Electric and Plug-In Hybrid vehicles. Is your business prepared to reduce emissions and cost whilst embracing the future of transport? We can help.

Guests and Non-Company Car Staff

Whether you wish to offer your visitors and guests complimentary charging,  or "charge" for charging, we have the perfect solutions for you.

Vehicle Fleet Charging

Do you have multiple vehicles that you need to track charging expenditure and usage for individual staff members. Our Professional Charging packages can help.

Electric Vehicles and your Business- What's the benefit?


Electric vehicles have been commerically available for many years but until now have been expensive to buy, difficult to charge and generally didn't meet modern requirements. Fast forward to today and this is not the case. With a wealth of vehicles available to meet a varity of requirements, from Super-Mini to SUV and even Truck.... Vehicle electrification is here and we are here to help you make the right choices.

If you are looking to reduce the ongoing cost of running vehicles or provide an additional service to your visitors and guests an Electric Vehicle strategy and Charging Plan can help you achieve these goals.

If your a business with staff that have company car and privately owned vehicles the Websto solution can provide you the provisoin of tracking and billling users for the electricity they use, at the office OR at home addresses. Perfect for expense reports, ongoing reconciliation and promoting a strong sense of Sustainability and Green Policies.

Do you host lots of visitors and guests? Ask how our Guest Billing service can help.

Don't just choose a charger, choose a Webasto. . . .




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