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General Questions

  • The charging station should only be cleaned with a dry cloth. Please do not use aggressive cleaning agents, wax or solvents. If necessary, you can wipe the cable with a damp terry towel.

  • The Webasto charging stations charge using a type 2 connector according to EN 62196-2. The type 2 connector complies with the European standard.

  • You can always charge one vehicle using a Webasto charging station. The Webasto Pure, the Webasto Next and the Webasto Live have a fixed cable with a type 2 plug. The Webasto Unite has a charging socket (type 2) with shutter for the charging cable.

  • Basically, the variants differ in their charging capacity and the scope of the installation. In addition, different charging cables are fitted to the charging station, matched to the charging capacity. For the 22 kW variant, the installation requires higher fuse ratings and larger supply cable cross sections, among other things. There are also differences when it comes to the grid operators. Most grid operators only require notification of an 11 kW charging Station, while a 22 kW charging station additionally requires approval. Variations in grid quality means that there are regional differences here between the individual operators.

  • The Webasto charging station is suitable for wall and stand mounting indoors and outdoors thanks to the high weather resistance (IP54). The charging station should not be installed in a place with direct sunlight, but rather in an area protected from the sun.

  • We work with a network of highly skilled installation companies to ensure you receive the fastest possible service. Take advantage of our installer locator to contact your local installer. Your installer will then guide you through the process and provide a compatitive quotation for the unit and installation.

Webasto Next

  • Scan & Charge access control allows you to decide who is actually allowed to charge at your Webasto Next. The user of the charging station authenticates himself via Scan & Charge, where the user scans the QR code at the charging station with his Webasto ChargeConnect app, the wallbox recognizes the user authorization and the charging process starts. In the Webasto ChargeConnect app, any number of users can be registered and managed for a Webasto Next.

    Please note: Scan & Charge works exclusively with the Webasto ChargeConnect App.

  • Two preconfigured QR codes are included in the scope of delivery of the Webasto Next. One should always be kept for safety's sake. In the event that the user needs to use the backup QR code, a copy should be made; this can be done at a print shop, for example. The content and creation of the QR code is described in the online manual. 

  • A list of compatible Energy Management Systems is available here. A router or DHCP switch should be installed between the EMS and the wallbox. Energy management Systems usually require an additional external meter; the compatible meters should be requested directly through the EMS provider. It is recommended to assign static IP addresses to the wallboxes via the router settings.

  • Yes, with a compatible external Energy Management System (Compatibility list EMS), the Webasto Next can charge PV surplus that supports this function.

  • No, automatic phase switching ist not possible.

  • A network connection is required for a complete and reasonable use of the Websato Next with all features. Otherwise charging is only possible without authentification ("free charging", i.e. no Scan & Charge). Especially in areas where wireless network connection is unstable, hurdled or technically not possible, e.g. in underground car parking areas, a wired connection is recommended.

  • The Webasto Next will have integrated dynamic load management (stand-alone). Stand-alone means that the current available of the building is recorded via an external meter and sent to the wallbox. The wallbox ensures that the maximum available current of the building is not exceeded. In doing so, the Webasto Next dynamically adjusts its power. The Webasto Next cannot communicate directly with other Webasto Next charging stations.

  • A compatibility with 3rd party backends will be established in the future. Once available, we will provide a list of compatible backend solutions here.

  • The Webasto Next is always supplied pre-configured. There is a installer support application (Webasto Charger Setup App) available which provides a guided configuration support for the qualified electrician.

  • Settings can be conveniently changed via the Webasto Charger Setup App. Alternatively, you can also configure all settings via the WebUI, which can be accessed via an IP address (LAN or hotspot).   

  • The Webasto Next has standard warranty according to legal regulations.

  • In the scope of delivery, there is included the Webasto Next charger with a cable in defined length (4,5 and 7 meters), mounting equipment, drilling template and Quick Start Guide,

  • All downloads and documentation  for the Webasto Next can be found here.

Webasto ChargeConnect

  • Webasto ChargeConnect is the Webasto backend to manage and operate Webasto charge points. More Information

  • During the installation and configuration process, Webasto ChargeConnect will be activated automatically. You can download the Webasto ChargeConnect App in the AppStore or Google PlayStore for free. To use the full potential of Webasto ChargeConnect an account has to be created. Register your charger and start managing your charging sessions remotely.
    For business purposes, please refer to Webasto customer support to activate your account as a business customer account.

  • In the Webasto ChargeConnect App you can manage your charge points, start/stop charging sessions and see and export your latest charging session. New features are an constantly updated

  • Via the Webasto ChargeConnect portal you can manage your charge points, start/stop charging sessions and see your latest charging session. Furthermore it supports you in operating your charging infrastructure in an B2B environment, e.g. allowing new users into your charging infrastructure and allows you to obtain advanced diagnostics of your chargers.

  • Webasto is working on this topic. Webasto ChargeConnect will be able to handle OCPP 2.0.x communication in 2023. This update will be communicated officially.

  • Connection is possible for special charging point operators (CPO). Connections to other third-party backends will be possible from Q1/2023 via the Webasto Charging Setup App (WCS) 

  • Webasto ChargeConnect is compatible with the Webasto Unite, the Webasto Next (all variants) and the following Webasto Live part numbers: 5110360C, 5110361C, 5110263C, 5110359C 

  • All downloads and documentations can be found here.

  • All downloads and documentations can be found here.

Webasto ChargeConnect App

  • The Webasto ChargeConnect App is the perfect mobile application to manage your Webasto charging station remotely. You can access all current and past charging sessions, start and stop them digitally, and authorize other users for a charging point directly via the mobile application. After a free one-time registration, you can use a wide range of funtionalities and benefit from regular app updates.

  • With the Webasto ChargeConnect App, you can use the following features:

    • Starting and stopping charging sessions
    • Real-time status of the current charging session
    • Wallbox sharing with other users
    • Detailed overview of completed charging sessions
    • Export of all charging data
    • Reserving a charging station
    • User management
  • Using the Webasto ChargeConnect App is intuitive and self-explanatory. However, if you get stuck, you can find all single steps in our user guide.

  • The Webasto ChargeConnect App is optimized for usage on smart phones (not tablets), while Webasto ChargeConnect portal is optimized to use on Windows devices.

  • The Webasto ChargeConnect App is made for iOS and Android, so you can easily find Webasto ChargeConnect in the App Store and Google Play Store.


  • The installation costs vary significantly depending on the conditions at the installation site, and are therefore determined by our installation partner on site during the On-site analysis. The precise installation price depends, for example, on the scope of the installation, on the distance of the charging station from the distribution board and on any through-holes that need to be made.

  • Webasto works with authorised electricians who have the professional prerequisites and experience to install charging infrastructure.

  • We point out that the installation may only be carried out by a qualified electrician and recommend our certified Webasto installers. An installation manual for the installer is enclosed with the delivery.

  • Yes, this is possible. Advice: You can benefit from a Webasto partner installation when you order an On-site analysis and then agree to the installation offer. Then, your charging station is installed by a certified electrician.

  • As part of a On-site analysis, an electrician who is specially trained and authorised in charging infrastructure will assess the conditions on site. Sometimes the entire power availability of the utility connection, the meter panel, the type of possible cabling and the desired location of the charging point are assessed to determine if a successful installation is feasible. Finally, and in addition to the On-site analysis, a cost estimate for the necessary work will be drawn up.


  • The delivery package includes the stand, a cover, installation instructions and all needed mounting material.

  • The Webasto Stand as well as the Webasto Stand Slim are available in single or double sided options.

  • The Webasto Stand offers burr-free holes to prevent damage to the cables. In addition, a high level of safety is achieved through the earth connection and high corrosion resistance.

  • All Webasto stands are suitable for Webasto Pure, Webasto Next and Webasto Live. All Webasto Stands are suitable for the Webasto Pure, Webasto Next and Webasto Live. The Webasto Unite can only be installed ton the Webasto Stand Slim Solo and Webasto Stand Slim Duo.

  • The stand is suitable for mounting on a concrete foundation. Please refer to the enclosed installation instructions for the exact mounting steps and notes.

  • No, safety requirements mean that it is not permitted to use an adapter.

  • For charging stations with fixed cable:

    Only original Webasto spare parts may be fitted on Webasto charging stations. We would like to point out that a cable must always be replaced by a qualified electrician. In case you replace a Webasto cable with one from another manufacturer or it is not replaced by a qualified electrician, Webasto will not accept any liability for any resulting damage. In this case, warranty or guarantee claims cannot be asserted against Webasto.                                                                                            

     For charging stations with socket:

    Every standard compliant (IEC 62196-2) Mode 3 Type 2 charging cable can be used with the charging stations.

  • All downloads and documentations can be found here.

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