Home Solutions

Charge your car from the comfort of your own home with Webasto.

Whether you are looking for your home, rental apartment or company car charger, Webasto has the right charging station for every requirement. Whether the simple Webasto Pure or the intelligent charging station Webasto Live, we make your daily charging routine simple and efficient. 

The Perfect Charging Solution in the Comfort of Your Own Home


It could not be simpler to charge. Arrive home, unhook your charger lead, plug in and enjoy fast charging.


Do you have access to your own parking spot? Why not electrify it with our property management system.

Company Car

In conjunction with our business solutions, we can also support individuals with a privately owned charger to submit business expenses.

It's Simple to Charge at Home with Webasto


With our network of trained installers, we can support you to enjoy the perfect home charging solution. Whether you need smart controls or just simple charging capabilities, we can tailor a package to suit you.

If you require support in a rented property, we can design a package to suit the property owner in either a house or an apartment building.

All of our solutions comply to the highest safety and efficiency standards too so you can be sure to rely on your Webasto for many years to come.


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