Ekipa za mednarodno podporo zagotavlja Naša zavezanost kakovosti in storitvam se ne konča z nakupom polnilnice. Prepričani ste lahko, da vam bomo nudili podporo še vrsto let, še posebej zato, ker naša standardna garancija velja tri leta.

Ekipa za mednarodno podporo zagotavlja, da nobena vaša zahteva ne bo ostala nerešena.

Samo vprašajte nas.


Webasto Pure

Webasto Live

  • The scope of delivery includes two so-called LiveAccess devices with which you can authenticate yourself via RFID technology to Webasto Live. This makes it possible to narrow down the group of users. The charging process can also be started via the LiveApp. If you do not want to use this authentication option, you can deactivate it via the configuration interface. You can order additional LiveAccess devices from us.

  • In general, this is possible and useful. The photovoltaic system, however, must at least feature a communication interface or a switching output for this. You can ideally control your own consumption with intelligent controls via a Home Energy Management System (HEMS) or a communicating inverter with its own measurement data acquisition system


  • Webasto works with authorised electricians who have the professional prerequisites and experience to install charging infrastructure.

  • We point out that the installation may only be carried out by a qualified electrician and recommend our certified Webasto installers. An installation manual for the installer is enclosed with the delivery.

  • As part of a On-site analysis, an electrician who is specially trained and authorised in charging infrastructure will assess the conditions on site. Sometimes the entire power availability of the utility connection, the meter panel, the type of possible cabling and the desired location of the charging point are assessed to determine if a successful installation is feasible. Finally, and in addition to the On-site analysis, a cost estimate for the necessary work will be drawn up.


  • The delivery package includes a stand, a cover, installation instructions and a screw kit for mounting an earth connection and the charging stations.

  • The Webasto Stand offers burr-free holes to prevent damage to the cables. It also features a removable cover for easy installation. With a curved lid, you can be sure that water won`t pool on top either. In addition, a high level of safety is achieved through the earth connection and high corrosion resistance.

  • They are suitable for both the Webasto Pure and Webasto Live charging stations.

  • The stand is suitable for mounting on a concrete foundation. Please refer to the enclosed installation instructions for the exact mounting steps and notes.

  • No, safety requirements mean that it is not permitted to use an adapter.

  • Only original Webasto spare parts may be fitted on Webasto charging stations. We would like to point out that a cable must always be replaced by a qualified electrician. 
    In case you replace a Webasto cable with one from another manufacturer or it is not replaced by a qualified electrician, Webasto will not accept any liability for any resulting damage. In this case, warranty or guarantee claims cannot be asserted against Webasto.

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