Digital Services

incl. Webasto ChargeConnect

The digital services are the ideal partners for Webasto charging stations. Take advantage of the digital benefits and not only make managing and controlling your charging infrastructure easier, but also experience a lot of fun. Always keep track of your Webasto charging stations.

Digital Services

Digital Products

Webasto ChargeConnect App

The mobile companion


With the Webasto ChargeConnect app, your Webasto charging station is just a tap away. You can access all current and past charging processes, start and stop them digitally, and authorize other users for a charging point directly via the mobile app. Simply download the app, register your charging station and you're ready to go.

Webasto ChargeConnect Web Portal

The digital web interface


The Webasto ChargeConnect digital web interface is the perfect portal for comprehensive management of multiple Webasto charging stations. In the well structured, web-based user interface, you can view all charging data digitally 24/7 and manage the charging infrastructure and its users with the click of a mouse.

Webasto Charger Setup App

The mobile installation assistant


Set up your Webasto charging station quickly and easily with the Webasto Charger Setup app. The app simplifies the configuration process and allows you to fully set up a Webasto smart charging station for your own situation or that of your customers within a few minutes.

Digital Solution for Charge at Work

Integration of charging data into an ERP system

With the smart solution of Webasto ChargeConnect, you can bill your employees for the charging activities they have performed with kWh accuracy. The charging data is transferred directly to your internal ERP system and billed automatically to your employees via payroll through defined tariffs. Your employees don't have to worry about anything. They simply plug in their vehicle and start charging.


Features of Webasto ChargeConnect

  • Installation configuration

    • Digital configuration of the charging station during installation
    • Easy connection of the charging station to your network
    • Completion of the installation with a digital report linked directly to the charging station in the Webasto ChargeConnect Cloud
  • Manage charging stations

    • Add new charging stations to your Webasto ChargeConnect account
    • Share your charging stations and distribute access rights
    • Always have an overview of the status of the charging stations
  • Make settings for charging station

    • Trigger firmware updates over the air (OTA)
    • Activate or deactivating Free Charging
    • Adjust the LED intensity via 4 modes
  • Starting and stopping charging sessions

    • Several ways to start and stop your charging sessions
    • Via RFID cards
    • Via scanning QR codes
    • Via remote launches
  • Overview of all charging processes

    • Get an overview of all performed charging sessions
    • Start & end time
    • Performance of the charging process
    • Charged energy in kWh
    • Costs of the charging process



  • Manage RFID cards

    • Create as many virtual RFID cards as you like
    • Activate physical RFID cards for your charging station: whether as check cards, key fobs or chips
    • Keep track of your RFID cards and remove them at will
  • Group management

    • Create a group and invite other participants to use your charging station
    • Expand your group to include more charging stations
    • Keep track of all your group members
  • Set costs for the charging operations

    • Set the cost of charging operations per group
    • Choose between different currencies (€, $, etc.)
    • Define a fixed amount per charge
    • Define the cost per kWh
  • Web Portal monitoring

    • 24/7 monitoring of all charging stations
    • Flexible management of user authorizations
    • Maintenance and remote diagnostics for smooth operation
    • Detailed evaluation of the charging processes carried out