Webasto Unite

Incl. Connectivity

The intelligent charging station Webasto Unite not only enables easy charging, but also other smart functions, such as control and management in the Webasto ChargeConnect backend, local load management and integration into energy management systems.

Webasto Unite

Product Features

  • Scalable charging power up to 22 kW
  • Charging socket (type 2) with shutter for charging cable
  • Digital management and remote control with Webasto ChargeConnect (access via portal and app)
  • Always online thanks to 24/7 real-time transmission of the wallbox data to Webasto ChargeConnect
  • Authentication using RFID technology or Webasto ChargeConnect App
  • Interface for Energy Management System (EMS) integration via Modbus TCP**
  • Integrated local dynamic* load management for up to 32 charging points
  • Integrated MID-compliant meter allows billing and refund of charging processes
  • Meter window for easy reading of energy meter values
  • Robust, high-quality housing meeting the Webasto quality and safety standards
  • Cost savings at installation due to DC residual current protection
  • Secured network stability by network operator using a ripple control receiver
  • Userfriendly configuration using Wi-Fi hotspot and Webasto Charger Septup App or configuration interface for installers


* Compatible Smart Meter: See compatability list
** Compatible EMS: See compatability list

Webasto ChargeConnect

Always keep track of your Webasto Unite. With Webasto ChargeConnect, you can access the current status of your charging stations, the entire charging history, your energy consumption, and much more at any time and from anywhere. The charging infrastructure can be managed and controlled remotely. The data from your charging stations is reflected in the Webasto ChargeConnect portal and app, offering maximum transparency, control, and security.


The smart benefits at a glance:

  • 24/7 real-time status of all charging points
  • Flexible management of user permissions
  • Maintenance and remote diagnostics for seamless operation
  • Remote control via app, e.g. starting and stopping charging sessions
  • Detailed overview of completed charging processes (charging history)
  • Comprehensive monitoring functions
  • Regular updates with new features for app and portal
  • Use and management in different user levels depending on authorization
  • High data security


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Technical Details

Electrical characteristicsWebasto Unite
Nominal current (A) (configurable connected load values)
Up to 32; single phase or 3-phase; 10, 13, 16, 20, 25, 30, 32 A (configurable via DIP-switches) or in 1 A steps (via integrated WebUI or Webasto Charger Setup App)
Line voltage (V AC)
230 / 400 (Europe)
Grid frequency (Hz)
50 / 60
Grid forms
TT / TN / IT (single phase and 3-phase), split phase (L1 + L2, without N)
EMV class
Emitted interference: Class B (residential, business, commercial areas); Immunity: residential, business, commercial and industrial areas
Overvoltage category
III as per EN 60664
Protection class
Necessary protective equipment
Residual current circuit breaker RCD type A and miniature circuit breakers must be provided on the installation side
Integrated protective equipment
≥6 mA DC residual current protection
Integrated energy meter
MID conformal Class B (1%) energy meter according to EN50470-1/3 (511685A)
Welded relais detection
230 V contact to trigger an external shunt trip

Further Details

    • Mounting: Wall and pole mounting (permanently connected)
    • Cable feed: Mounted on-wall or in-wall
    • Connection cross-section (wire dimension): Cross-section of the connecting cable (Cu) taking into account the local conditions and norms:
      • rigid (min. – max.) 2.5 – 10 mm²
      • flexible (min. – max.) 2.5 – 10 mm²
      • flexible (min. – max.) with wire end ferrules: 2.5 – 10 mm²
    • Charging outlet: IEC 62196 Type-2 Socket Outlet with Shutter (5111685A)
    • Output voltage (V AC): 230 / 400
    • Max. charging capacity (kW): 
      • 7.4 (1-phase operation)
      • 22 (3-phase operation)
    • Backend: Webasto ChargeConnect
    • Authentication:
      • “Scan & Charge” via QR code
      • Webasto ChargeConnect Portal
      • Webasto ChargeConnect App
      • RFID reader (ISO 14443 A / B and ISO 15693)
    • Display: RGB-LED, Meter display window
    • Network interfaces:
      • LAN (RJ45) – 10 / 100 Mbps
      • Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g /n / ac - 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz
    • Communication protocols: OCPP 1.6 J (OCPP 2.0 ready), Modbus TCP (EMS**), Modbus RTU (smart meter*)
    • External interfaces:
      • Addressable via ripple control receiver through dry contacts
      • Integration into Energy Management Systems (EMS) via Modbus TCP
      • Contact for welded relay protection
      • RS485 interface for external smart meters
    • Local load management: 
      • Dynamic (stand-alone) via integration of a compatible external smart meter*
      • Dynamic (cluster with up to 32 charging points) via integration of a compatible external smart meter*
      • Static (cluster with up to 32 charging points)

    * Compatible smart meter: see compatiblity list
    ** Compatible EMS: See compatibility list

    • Dimensions (W × H × D) (mm): 315 x 460 x 135
    • Weight (kg): 5
    • IP protection class, device: IP54
    • Protection against mechanical impact: IK10 (Display: IK08)
    • Installation site: No direct solar radiation
    • Operating temperature range (°C): -35 to +55
    • Temperature behavior: A reduction in charging current or shutdown may occur in order to prevent the charging station overheating.
    • Storage temperature range (°C): -40 to +80
    • Permissible relative humidity (%): 5 to 95 non-condensing
    • Altitude (m): Max. 4.000 above sea level
    • Standards and guidelines:
      • CE conformity
      • 2014/53/EU Radio Equipment Directive
      • 2011/65/EU RoHS Directive
      • 2012/19/EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive
      • 1907/2006 REACH Regulation