Business Solutions

Whether you need to charge your company car at home, at your rental apartment or at the company - Webasto has the right charging station for every requirement. No matter if you choose the simple charging station Webasto Pure or our intelligent charging stations Webasto Next and Webasto Unite - we make your daily charging routine simple and efficient. Learn more about the possibilities of a Webasto charging station: Individually tailored to your needs. 

The perfect charging solution for your company


Install high-quality charging stations and wallboxes with ease and benefit from our Webasto Partner Program for installers.



Provide billable charging stations to your customers and flexibly integrate charging in your Energy Management System.

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Offer your customers, guests, and employees attractive and reliable charging options with intuitive operation and high user comfort.

Real Estate Owners

Increase the value of your property with charging stations for your tenants and integrate attractive charging solutions with the building's energy management system.

Hotel and Restaurant Owners

Offer your guests durable and easy-to-use charging stations and wallboxes, and increase your visitor and guest numbers.

Individual charging system for original equipment manufacturers

  • Modular and innovative platform concepts
  • Flexibility for charging systems, including
    Wallboxes, Cordsets and Digital Solutions
  • Automotive, technology and manufacturing expertise

Electric vehicles and your business - What's the benefit?

Electric vehicles have been commercially available for many years but until now were too expensive to buy, difficult to charge and generally did not meet modern requirements. Fast forward to today and this is not the case anymore. There is a wide range of vehicles available to meet a variety of requirements, from Super-Mini to SUV and even Truck.... Vehicle electrification is here and we are here to help you make the right choices.

If you want to reduce the running costs of operating vehicles or offer your visitors and guests an additional service, a strategy and charging plan for electric vehicles can help you achieve these goals.

If your employees own both company and private vehicles, you can use the Webasto solution to track and bill your employees' electricity consumption at the office or at home. Perfect for expense reports, ongoing reconciliations and promoting a strong sense of sustainability and green policies.


Our products

Webasto Charging Stations

Simple "Plug & Play" or intelligent charging solutions for every requirement. Webasto makes charging easy, quick, efficient and safe.

Webasto Accessories

Choose your suitable accessories, such as our Webasto Stands or the Mode 3 Charging Cable for charging at public charging stations.

Webasto Digital Services

We are always there for you and take care of the installation as well as the right software solution to manage your charging infrastructure.