Whether you need to charge your company car at home, at your rental apartment or at the company - Webasto has the right charging station for every requirement. From the simple wallbox Webasto Pure to the intelligent charging station Webasto Next, we make your daily charging routine simple and efficient.

Webasto Charging Stations

Webasto Pure

Simple, quick and safe charging
  • Configurable charging capacity up to 22 kW
  • Integrated type 2 charging cable, 4.5 m or 7 m
  • Access control with universal key switch
  • Integrated DC residual current protection
  • 5 years safety and quality guaranteed

Webasto Next

Smart and efficient charging
  • Charging capacity up to 11 or 22 kW
  • Connected to Webasto ChargeConnect backend
  • Dynamic load management (stand-alone)
  • Authentication via app or Scan & Charge
  • Integrated meter module

Webasto Unite

Intelligent and fully connected charging
  • Charging capacity up to 22 kW
  • Connected to Webasto ChargeConnect backend
  • Dynamic load management
  • Authentication via RFID or app
  • Mid-compliant meter

Webasto Services

Digital Services with Webasto ChargeConnect

If you need kWh tracking to submit your expenses or simply want to track the energy used at your charger or require load management, we have a solution to suit you. With the Webasto ChargeConnect backend, you make your charging stations Webasto Next and Webasto Live smart and connected. Via web-based portal or app, you can easily manage and control your charging station remotely.

Installation Services

Webasto is your perfect partner, as we not only have the right charging solution, but also offer the entire installation service. We have a large network of installers trained by Webasto.

Webasto Accessories

Mode 3 Charging Cable

The Webasto Mode 3 Cable Type 2 is the perfect accessory for charging on the go at public charging stations or those with a charging socket. 

Webasto Stand Solo, Duo Slim

Our high-quality, stainless steel charging pedestals are the perfect addition for an installation away from a fixed wall. Designed for all Webasto charging stations, the massive stands are available in single or double sided options, plus a slim version which makes them ideal for domestic applications.