Webasto charging solutions for Business company parking

Offer reliable, efficient, and user-friendly Webasto charging solutions in your company parking garages and parking lots.

There is no way around it: ever more visitors, customers, and employees are arriving at your company in electric vehicles – and want to charge their vehicles fast and efficiently while they are in the building. Chosen carefully, charging stations are much more than just cost factors, they add value: They increase the customer and employee satisfaction, spruce up your brand perception and reduce your carbon footprint. Integrated in your Energy Management System, charging solutions from Webasto even significantly reduce your fleet’s energy bill.


Why Webasto?

3 key benefits for companies offering charging

Turn empty spaces into opportunities: Offer charging to customers and employees to attract business and keep talents.

Reduce energy and costs: Reduce your CO2 footprint, relieve your CO2 balance sheet and save on your e-vehicle fleet.

Boost your brand: Present yourself as a sustainable, innovative, premium player in your market.

Attract: Satisfy customer and employee demands

Create a positive, long-lasting first impression: The charging stations in your parking garage or parking lot will be the first point of interaction with your customers and employees. When entering your parking garage, EV drivers will be pleased to see stylish wallboxes and charging stations from Webasto. Our high-quality, award-winning charging products are powerful and efficient.


Reliable: Safe and user-friendly operation

Keep operational and maintenance costs low: Our high-quality charging stations are robust and reliable, they satisfy high automotive standards, are built to last. We designed our charging stations for simple operation, the charging experience of EV drivers will be smooth and pleasant. Benefit from our fast and reliable, first-rate customer support.


Smart: Save energy costs

Reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills: Many companies are currently switching their fleets to electric vehicles and are looking for smart ways to integrate charging stations into their Energy Management System (EMS). Our charging solutions offer intelligent dynamic load management and PV surplus charging, saving energy costs and relieving your carbon footprint.


Accountable: Measure and control charging activities

Better understand the usage of your charging stations: advanced digital services from Webasto help optimize the charging experience. At the heart of all digital applications is our backend Webasto ChargeConnect. The charging infrastructure and all charging stations can be remotely updated, managed, and monitored in real time via an app or a web portal. Features include controlling of charging sessions, real-time status of all charging points, managing user permissions, maintenance and remote diagnostics, detailed overview of charging history, comprehensive monitoring functions and the reservation management of charging stations. Our new Webasto Unite enables the billing of charging sessions via an integrated meter and an app.


Our products

Webasto Charging Stations

Simple "Plug & Play" or intelligent charging solutions for every requirement. Webasto makes charging easy, quick, efficient and safe.

Webasto Accessories

Choose your suitable accessories, such as our Webasto Stands or the Mode 3 Charging Cable for charging at public charging stations.

Webasto Digital Services

We are always there for you and take care of the installation as well as the right software solution to manage your charging infrastructure. 

Get your charging solution from Webasto

Boost your customer and employee satisfaction, save money and energy. We look forward to collaborating with you on your next charging project.