Webasto charging stations for Real Estate owners

Create a reliable and user-friendly charging infrastructure for your tenants and increase the value of your property.

As the owner of a larger property with its parking spaces, creating a future-proof charging infrastructure is high on your agenda: after all, more and more e-cars are driving on the streets – and they need to be charged. The best way to do this is with charging stations from Webasto.


Why Webasto?

3 benefits for property owners

Increase the value of your property and provide your tenants with attractive, high-quality and reliable charging stations from Webasto.

Save energy costs through intelligent load management with Webasto charging solutions.

Webasto ChargeConnect lets you keep track of your tenant’s charging processes for accurate billing.  

Intuitive: Easy user management of the charging stations with Webasto ChargeConnect

Tenants come and go, and their vehicles change too: With our intelligent charging solutions, you monitor your tenants' charging processes in real time. With the user administration software, which can be operated via web browser and smartphone, you can easily add new tenants or remove tenants who have moved out.


Flexible: Fast integration into your property's Energy Management System

Our Webasto charging stations can be integrated into your property's Energy Management System (EMS), for example, to feed your charging stations with surplus energy of the photovoltaic system on the roof.


Intelligent: Dynamic load management avoids power outages and saves costs

Avoid power outages and angry tenants by using Webasto charging stations with dynamic load management. Dynamic load management considers the entire power consumption of the building and dynamically optimizes the charging power for the connected electric cars so that peak loads and power outages can be avoided. The dynamic load management of Webasto charging stations saves costs.


Our products

Webasto Charging Stations

Simple "Plug & Play" or intelligent charging solutions for every requirement. Webasto makes charging easy, quick, efficient and safe.

Webasto Accessories

Choose your suitable accessories, such as our Webasto Stands or the Mode 3 Charging Cable for charging at public charging stations.

Webasto Digital Services

We are always there for you and take care of the installation as well as the right software solution to manage your charging infrastructure. 

Install Webasto Charging stations in your property

We would be happy to discuss your exact requirements for charging stations in your property and integrating the charging stations in your property's energy management system.