Webasto charging stations for hotels, motels, restaurants, and cafés

Attract high-paying guests with attractive, intuitively operable and reliable charging stations – and don't be stuck with the electricity costs of the charging stations.

For service-oriented restaurants, charging stations in parking lots and parking garages are now standard. Guests with e-cars are specifically looking for hotels, motels, restaurants, and even cafés that offer charging stations. But with the increase of e-cars on the road, more and more charging stations are needed.


The cost of electricity has increased tremendously, so hoteliers have to pass on the cost of electricity for charging stations to their guests. The new Webasto Unite wallbox offers the ideal basis for billing electricity costs with calibration law-compliant measurements of charging processes.

Why Webasto?

3 benefits for hoteliers and owners of motels and restaurants

Appeal to more affluent guests who pay attention to quality equipment with our attractive charging stations.

Intuitive operation of our reliable charging stations simplifies the charging process for your guests, increasing guest satisfaction and retention.

Strengthen your brand and reputation as an innovative gastronomy business.

Service-oriented: Charging stations that meet the requirements of their guests

For many guests, Webasto charging stations are the first contact with your hotel when entering your parking garage. The attractive design of our charging stations conveys the value that your guests are looking for.


So that your staff can concentrate completely on service with the guest, our charging stations are easy to operate and durable. Increase your comfort and your guest’s comfort by adding the charging processes on the hotel bill.

Flexible: Integration of the charging stations into the hotel's Energy Management System

Save electricity costs for your charging stations by connecting the charging stations to your hotel's energy management system (EMS). For example, you could use the surplus energy from your photovoltaic (PV) system to charge the charging stations. With the dynamic load management of the Webasto charging stations, you avoid power outages due to load peaks.


Transparent: Keep an eye on the costs of the charging processes

For billing your guests' charging processes, you need a charging station that can measure in compliance with MID/legal metrology. Our new Webasto Unite wallbox provides the technical capabilities for billing charging processes. Use our software with a web browser or smartphone to attain high-cost transparency about the charging processes of your guests.


Our products

Webasto Charging Stations

Simple "Plug & Play" or intelligent charging solutions for every requirement. Webasto makes charging easy, quick, efficient and safe.

Webasto Accessories

Choose your suitable accessories, such as our Webasto Stands or the Mode 3 Charging Cable for charging at public charging stations.

Webasto Digital Services

We are always there for you and take care of the installation as well as the right software solution to manage your charging infrastructure. 

Install charging stations from Webasto

We would be happy to discuss your exact requirements for charging stations in your hotel, motel, restaurant, or other gastronomy establishment.